Bonus payments for nurses who join Northampton General Hospital's bank staff

New incentives are being offered to nurses who agree to join Northampton General Hospital's pool of bank staff.

Friday, 18th March 2016, 6:25 am
Amber Billson. Picture by NGH.

Hospital bosses are pushing the advantages of registering with its staff bank - which calls upon extra help as needed - over expensive agency workers.

So far, they have highlighted specialist training and the consistency.

But bank staff are now being offered reward payments for fulfilling a certain number of hours.

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So far, 50 nurses have been awarded their first bonus payment of £150 for 50 hours.

In addition, bank nurses get subsequent payments of £450 after every 150 hours worked.

And senior nurses of Bands 6 and 7 who work bank shifts on their own wards are paid at their regular rate.

A spokeswoman for the hospital said: “These benefits were introduced as part of our drive to develop the skills, expertise and experience available on the nurse bank.

“A well-resourced staff bank means that patients are more likely to receive consistent care that’s aligned to our values as an organisation.”

A second new measure means that, from April, all employees who work for Northampton General Hospital’s staff bank - including porters, domestics, medical records staff - will be paid weekly.

This change has been introduced in response to feedback from employees.

Chief executive Sonia Swart said: “If you’re doing bit of work here and there, a month is a long time to wait to get paid.

“Weekly pay gives more immediate gratification. Like all the incentives, it encourages loyalty.”