Bomb hoaxer admits threatening to blow up Northampton police station

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A bomb hoaxer told police he had a bag full of Semtex ready to blow up outside Campbell Square Police station in a bid to attract officers’ attention.

Marcus Kitching, of Grafton Street, Northampton, also claimed he had hostages with him and was prepared to shoot himself during the incident on Wednesday, January 8 this year.

On Tuesday, the 34-year-old, who was said to have a history of paranoid episodes, pleaded guilty to reporting a fake bomb to police and also to causing anxiety through false communications to a public network.

He was bailed to appear in front of Northampton Magistrates’ Court again on Wednesday, June 4 for sentencing.

Mental health reports will be drawn up by probation officers in the meantime.

District judge Tim Daber told Kitching: “I now find I need some assistance from a a probation officer before deciding how best to deal with you.

“It’s very much in your interests to co-operate with the reports.”

For the Crown Prosecution Service, Julie Costello told the court Kitching had claimed to have been assaulted on the outskirts of Wellingborough by two men on the evening of January 8.

Using money he had left in his wallet Kitching said he made his way to Northampton to report the crime.

On arriving at the Campbell Square station at around 11.15pm and finding the counter service closed, he called the station number using a false name.

Miss Costello said: “Mr Kitching confirmed there was a bomb outside the police station attached to a digital clock linked to a digital alarm, which was in a black bag.

“The caller stated it was ‘ticking’.”

After a few minutes had passed and with no police arriving at the scene, Kitching called the number again.

“This time he gave his real name,” Miss Costello said. “He said he had a gun and was going to blow his brains out.”

Kitching claimed he had women hostages he was willing to kill if police did not appear.

An armed response unit was dispatched and Kitching was arrested at 11.40pm.

In police interview, Kitching gave a prepared statement through a solicitor.

He said his reason for the hoax was because he was not ‘receiving assistance’ from police and was getting increasingly frustrated as it was cold.