Bollards and double yellow lines to improve safety at Northampton road junction

The Newport Road/Gladstone Road junction where visibility can be blocked by vehicles parked up to the existing bollards.
The Newport Road/Gladstone Road junction where visibility can be blocked by vehicles parked up to the existing bollards.

Measures to improve safety at a road junction in Northampton are to be introduced after several serious accidents.

The junction of Newport Road and Gladstone Road has seen a number of accidents and many near misses since multi-million pound improvements made to the area in 2011, leading to Spencer residents demanding action.

They setup a Facebook group called ‘Make Newport Road Junction Safer’ and recently collated a petition calling for Northamptonshire County Council to act.

Resident Jamie Simms when organising the petition said: “Though overall I’m very pleased with the council and local Councillor Gareth Eales’s efforts with local road repairs and the removal of the Gladstone Road rumble strips - the Newport Road junction is very dangerous with the amount of cars that park up to the bollards, which makes turning left or right on to Gladstone Road near on impossible.

“I know of at least three serious accidents that have taken place due to cars having to pull out blindly because there are cars parked up to the junction.

“I am not the only resident in Newport Road who has expressed concern at how dangerous this junction has now become. My wife won’t use this junction when she has our children in the car, she uses the other junction onto Countess Road.

“Something needs to be done before there is a fatality at this junction.”

Following a meeting last week between residents, Councillor Eales, and officers from the county highways department a number of safety measures are to be implemented to make the junction safer, such as introduction of fixed bollards and double yellow lines to prevent obstructive parking on the corners, which limits vision at the junction.

Councillor Eales said: “I have consistently said that this particular junction is dangerous. I fully concur with the residents analysis and living in the adjacent street I use this junction often, always with great anxiety as it’s such a horrible blind spot.

“I am of course delighted that highways now finally concur with the view that this junction is unsafe.

“I think in all honesty that all junctions along Gladstone Road need re-designing to ensure safety, but winning that argument against a backdrop of budget cuts with a Conservative-led council is unlikely, as it would be a very expensive job of work.

“The more inexpensive measures being suggested and deployed by highways, if successful will be rolled out on all junctions along Gladstone Road... however, if these steps do not see any benefit, then the campaign to get real changes made will be stepped up a gear, as you can’t put a price on safety!”