Bogus plumbers tricked their way into 84-year-old’s home in Northampton and stole his wallet

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Distraction burglars posing as plumbers took an 84-year-old Northampton man’s wallet after conning their way into his house.

Two men knocked on the door of a house in Laceby Walk, Watermeadow, on Sunday evening at around 7pm.

An 84-year-old man was in his home and the men told him there was a water leak and that his taps needed checking.

They then entered his house and while one kept the victim in the kitchen the other went upstairs and searched the premises before both men then left the house with the victim’s wallet.

Both offenders were white men. One was in his late teens while the other was in his 60s. The teenager was about 5ft 3 inches, of medium build and dressed in blue.

The older offender was about 5ft 5 inches and was wearing an open faced balaclava.

Police would like to speak to anyone who may have witnessed the incident or who may have any information regarding it.

Witnesses or anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Alternatively, you can use the anonymous online form at