Blogging mum not sleeping on the job

A tired mother-of-two from Clipston, has reached the finals of two national blogging awards.

Freelance journalist, Emily-Jane Clark has been chosen from thousands of parent writers for her website , a humorous survival guide which offers light relief to sleep-deprived parents.

She is not only up for Brilliance in Blogging Award (the BiBs) in the Writer category but also in the finals for a Mum and Dad (MAD) Blog Award as Blog of the Year.

Emily-Jane was inspired to launch the site after becoming a mum to two babies who did not like to sleep.

She said: “Pre-babies I was prepared to be woken up during the night, however, my babies woke up every half hour on a bad night, every two hours on a good night or simply refused to go to bed at all.

“The worst thing was, everybody else I knew had babies who slept well so I thought it was just me.”

It was only when Emily-Jane wrote about her experience as a severely sleep-deprived mother in a few blog posts that went viral, that she realised there were other babies out there just as bad as hers.

She added: “I could not believe the response to what was essentially me just getting stuff off my chest.

“I had so many messages of support from exhausted parents and it was comforting to know that I was not alone in my bedtime battle.”

“However, with lots of coffee and by adopting the ‘if I don’t laugh I’d cry’ approach to parenting, I have survived and being nominated for these awards has made all the sleepless nights worth it.”

Emily-Jane is currently writing a book based on the blog called Sleep is for the Weak, which she describes as an antithesis to baby sleep advice.

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