Bins carried off by floodwater in Northampton will not be replaced until new contractor comes in next month, says council

Residents whose bins were washed away in the weekend's flash floods will have to wait another week before they can order a new one from the council.

Tuesday, 29th May 2018, 6:10 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 6:07 pm
Bin bags and recycling boxes float down the street on floodwater in St Leonards Road.

Dramatic videos and pictures shared during the floods across Northampton this weekend (May 27) showed bin bags and boxes floating down streets carried away by floodwater.

Many residents have been unable to find or retrieve their recycling crates and are facing bin day without anywhere to put their rubbish.

It comes as the borough council is set to handover its environmental services to new contractors Veolia this week, who has promised all-in-one recycling wheelie bins for residents.

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One resident on St Leonard's Road said: "My bin's gone. I haven't seen it since Sunday night. I put it out for bin day as usual and now it's disappeared."

Another said: "I found mine near Asda [London Road]. The first thing that happened when the flood hit was seeing bins float down the road."

But the borough council say they will be unable to replace any missing boxes as they transition to the new contractors.

A post on the Northampton Borough Council Facebook page said: "Due to the environmental services contract handover, we will be unable to process any replacement bin or box requests this week.

"If you are missing a box at the moment please leave out the recycling in clear sacks (one type of recycling per sack) and it will be collected as normal.

"From June 4, if you are on a sack collection round, please email [email protected] to order your replacement box/es.

"If you are on a wheelie bin round, please continue to present your recycling in clear sacks until your new recycling bin is delivered in August."

Borough Council clean-up teams have been out since Monday collecting ruined carpets and belongings left out on pavements.