The big applications granted planning permission in Northampton this week

Councillors met this week to determine a series of planning applications in Northampton.

Friday, 26th October 2018, 5:32 pm
Updated Friday, 26th October 2018, 6:35 pm
The borough council's planning committee determined a number of applications this week

The borough council’s planning committee convened at The Guildhall on Tuesday evening, and here are the applications they discussed.

This application was for a variation of the conditions on the outline planning approval for the demolition of the university facilities at the former Park Campus, which would see residential accommodation built in its place.

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It effectively changes the parking requirements. It originally required minimum of 1,600 parking spaces, but as the number of homes may be lower than the 800 originally thought, this will change the parking requirement to be two parking spaces on average per dwelling.

The variation of condition for the Park Campus is unanimously agreed by the committee.

Change of use to House of Multiple Occupancy

The committee discussed four of these applications.

All were approved and were located at:

43 Clinton Road (unanimous)

9 Towcester Road

109 Lea Road

121 Holly Road

Another HMO, at 145 Euston Road, was also discussed. This was to raise the number of occupants from three to four. The applicant told councillors that research shows University students apply for houses as couples or as a four. They had struggled on the market for more than a year targeting three students. The vote was split with five for and five against (with one abstention). Chairman Brian Oldham’s casting vote in favour meant it was approved.

The building is the former Weights and Measures office, a 19th century gothic building.

The gin and tonic parlour was approved unanimously, despite Councillor Dennis Meredith saying he 'doesn't really like' the drink. Thankfully, he was told it will be serving some other beverages as well.

Erection of two dwellings - 10 Delapre Crescent Road

The committee also granted planning permission for the erection of a pair of semi-detached one-bedroom dwellings with associated parking at Delapre Crescent Road.

Change of use of ground floor shop to restaurant - 44-46 St Giles Street

A retrospective planning application for the Turkish restaurant Pamukkale to change the use of a shop floor next door to merge with the restaurant was approved.

Proposed fascia signs - 2 Little Cross Street

Some proposed fascia signs for a Londis shop front at Little Cross Street are granted permission, despite councillors describing them as 'grotty'.

This is not a planning application to be determined by NBC, but due to the scale it is being consulted. The officer advice is to object to it and call for the Secretary of State to determine the extension to the retail and leisure park.

"We're not the only neighbouring authority to be seeking a call-in as we understand," says head of planning Peter Baguley at the meeting.The committee adds the word 'strong' to the council's objections, and calls on the Secretary of State to determine the Rushden Lakes extension.

The committee discussed the demolition of the former Tanners pub, Post Office and parade of shops. The proposal is to build 11 houses and six flats. There would be two commercial units with the flats, one being a shop, the other being a shop or a takeaway.

The development also includes a total of 63 car parking spaces, including 14 garages (of which six would be made available for existing residents) and four car parking spaces that would be used by staff working in the commercial units.

Cllr Nazim Choudary says: "I think it's a good development and good for the area."

The application is granted.

Construction of bungalow - Land rear of 40-42 Avon Drive

The bungalow was quickly approved across the board.

Northampton Borough Council applications

i) New sub station at former Constabulary offices in Angel Street (approved)ii) Variation of condition for new openings in Guildhall Road block (approved)iii) Variation of condition for minor external alterations at Linnells Motors, Fetter Street (approved)