BBC presenter from Northampton dies

Northampton writer and broadcaster Ray Gosling Pic circa 1982
Northampton writer and broadcaster Ray Gosling Pic circa 1982

A former BBC presenter from Northampton, who falsely claimed to have killed his dying partner, has died.

Ray Gosling, aged 74, died on Tuesday at Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham.

Ray Gosling

Ray Gosling

Born in Northampton, Gosling left to attend Leicester University before managing a band.

He was a gay rights campaigner throughout the time he was on television and radio in the sixties and seventies. Later he often appeared on Channel Four and ITV Anglia.

The journalist was bankrupt in 2000 and moved into sheltered accommodation but made a television programme about his plight and about his move into a home.

He also continued to contribute the BBC magazine show Inside Out, on which he made up the story about smothering his partner as he lay dying of an Aids-related illness in hospital in the 1990s.

Days later he was arrested on suspicion of murder, but a six-month investigation found no evidence that Gosling had killed anyone, and he was charged with wasting police time.

He was given a suspended prison sentence in September 2010

Friends said Gosling had been suffering from liver cirrhosis and complications and the hospital confirmed he died yesterday.