Battle Cat temporarily defeated by Northampton vandals

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A model of the cartoon character Battle Cat has been removed from outside All Saints Church, in Northampton town centre, after suffering repeated damage.

The large fibre glass model, of a tiger-like armoured creature from the 1980’s He-Man cartoon series, had had two decorative horns snapped off its ‘armour’.

Other vandals have also snapped some of Battle Cat’s teeth.

Directors of Wild In Art, organisers of the Go Safari project, of which the model is part, said they had taken it away for repairs after several bouts of “tomfoolery”.

It is understood it may take a couple of weeks to restore it to its original state and it may be placed somewhere more secure in the town.

In a separate incident a drunken 31-year-old man was pictured on the internet sitting naked on the model’s back.

The man has since apologised for his behaviour.