The Barratts return to Northampton with new single and Roadmender gig

The Barratts are back with a new single, Lights Out In London, and are headlining the Roadmender this weekend.

Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 7:51 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 8:17 am
The Barratts

Fresh from playing in Germany at the Mano Musikfestival, they will be joined in the main room at the Northampton venue by Krankhead, Fox Chapel and Covasettes.

Speaking about the new record, singer James Faulkner said: “We often finish the set with the song. It seems to have been one of the main tracks people ask about and we love to play it so it’s exciting to finally have it out.

“It’s a song about the uncertainties of being a young person in Britain today, no matter where you’re from.

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“Gentrification in the metropolis, isolation in seaside towns, we’re faced with constantly darkening prospects, and not just politically.

“With the amount of music venues closing down, we’re losing all these spaces where people can not only stick two fingers up to it all, but be connected and feel as if they belong.”

Faulkner is joined in The Barratts by Brandon Essom, Kyle Homer, Will Smith and Evan Bridgstock.

Talking about the sound of the record, Faulkner said: “We think of this track as a key part of the sound people associate with The Barratts.

“It’s also an introduction to our sound for people who haven’t heard our stuff before.

“Last year we came back after 2016’s Open Wounds & Windows EP with Satellites and The Garrison, and Lights Out in London is chapter three.”

The band recently joined The Keepers and Duncan Bisatt in Marburg at the Mano Musikfestival, the German leg of Northampton’s Twinfest.

Faulkner said: “Germany was amazing, we’re still reeling from it.

“Great music, a beautiful town and the people are so welcoming.

“We played to some amazing crowds as well. We’re so lucky to have been chosen.

“Missing the flight home wasn’t the most upsetting day of our lives, put it that way.”

Following the release of this single, the band plans to release more singles before putting together another EP.

Admission into the Roadmender on Saturday, April 13 is £5 before fees.