Bar in Northampton where 60-man brawl and stabbings started wants to open until 10am on Christmas Day

Police remain guarding Faces in Bridge Street this afternoon following multiple stabbings NNL-141212-151625001
Police remain guarding Faces in Bridge Street this afternoon following multiple stabbings NNL-141212-151625001

A bar in Bridge Street, Northampton, where a mass brawl that led to multiple stabbings began has applied for permission to have its closing time extended from 4am until 10am on Christmas Day.

Police confirmed last Friday that a fight that broke out in Faces bar at about 4am and then spilled out into the street.

No Caption ABCDE NNL-141212-093721001

No Caption ABCDE NNL-141212-093721001

A number of people suffered stab wounds in Faces, police have since said. Other injuries were sustained in the brawl and eight people were taken to various hospitals, six with stab wounds.

Northampton Borough Council licensing committee is due to meet on Thursday to discuss a Temporary Event Notice application from Faces to open until 10am on Christmas Day, December 27, January 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Northamptonshire Police Chief Constable Adrian Lee has objected to the application as he does not believe the licensing objectives, primarily the Prevention of Crime, will be promoted.

The police statement also revealed the chief constable did not wish the night-time drinking and the daytime shopping to mix.

Correspondence between Robert Snajdr, on behalf of Faces, and council environmental health officer Neil Polden is also due to be discussed at the meeting.

Mr Polden states that he has concerns about the proposed licence extension on the grounds of “public nuisance”. He suggests that entertainment should finish at 4am and sale of alcohol at 6am.

However, Mr Snajdr writes that he is “not happy to make such an amendment”.

He adds: “Why when on many occasions before did you not object when we have been granted a 5am temporary licence. Now it’s the party season are you saying people will be more or less concerned?”

Mr Polden responds by stating that “describing Christmas as the party season does not relinquish him of his obligations with regard to promotion of the licensing objectives for public nuisance.”

On Tuesday, a licensing committee heard evidence from Sergeant Martin O’Connell of Northamptonshire Police who said CCTV footage of Faces bar showed that only one member of door staff was on duty on Thursday night.

Police said there was a “lack of control” and that people were “bypassing” the knife arch as nobody was responding when it was activated. One man could be seen walking out of the bar “covered in blood” and then walking back in again.

In response Mr Snajdr had said the knife arch was “just a deterrent, a visual aid, and is only monitored during some weekends.”

He said: “The bar became only slightly busier than a normal Saturday night. I tried to call my security company to send another member of door staff but received no response.

“After it started to get very busy, I closed the venue at 2.30am.”