Banksy of poetry's message to Northampton hair salons to 'keep your chin up'

The girls at the Beauty With Inn salon have received three.
The girls at the Beauty With Inn salon have received three.

More hair salons across Northampton have come forward to show their appreciation for the uplifting words of the so-called 'Banksy of poetry' after they were also sent verses from the anonymous bard.

A Chronicle & Echo story published yesterday (April 26) revealed how a Northampton hairdresser's had been sent a series of unsigned poems from an anonymous man in Lancashire.

The Muse salon in Sol Central.

The Muse salon in Sol Central.

In their search to find and thank the man, they discovered they were only the latest salon in country to receive the verses from 'the composer, Mark Jones'.

Now, dozens of other salons, including HIS 'N' HER Hair Care, in Earls Barton, The MUSE Salon in Sol Central and Aurora Hairdressing in Northampton, have shared that they too have gotten the poet's postcards and want to show their gratitude.

Natalie Faulkner, of the Beauty With Inn salon, in Harlestone Road, St James, said: "When we first got one we read it out loud to all our customers. We've had three so far.

"We have decided we will frame them as they are very inspiring and uplifting. Thank you, M. Jones, the Banksy Poet."

Kingsley Hair and Beauty Solarium.

Kingsley Hair and Beauty Solarium.

'Mr Jones' has reportedly sent his poems exclusively to hair salons across the country in recent years.

All his signature verses are written in silver ink on black card and are only ever signed 'by the composer, Mark Jones'.

One poem ends simply with: "Keep your chin up, keep smiling'.

Kingsley Health & Beauty Solarium, in Kingsley Park Terrace, received their fourth anonymous poem on Tuesday (April 25).

Hairdresser Sarah Makeham said: "They are all very happy and positive. I just wonder why we were chosen. If I knew who he was, I would just say thank you for the motivation.

"We look forward to the post now in case we get another one. We're planning on framing them all."

Chris Pascoe-Cooke, of Supercuts hair salon, in the Grosvenor Shopping Centre, Northampton, said: "At first I thought it was some sort of scam. Now I think it's quite lovely.

"Obviously they're from someone who thinks hairdressers aren't as appreciated as they should be."