Bananarama’s Keren: Northampton will hear all our hits

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All-girl pop legends Bananarama have pledged that fans will get only the best of them at their Alive @ Delapre set this weekend.

Keren Woodward, an original member who these days forms half the band, said they will concentrate on all the tunes people know and love.

She said: “It’s our heritage, it’s what we love doing.

“I would never turn up and do a show and not put all the hits in, that’s what people want to hear.”

Woodward said that not only would Northampton fans enjoy hearing the familiar strains of the like of Robert De Nero’s Waiting, they still enjoy performing them.

She said: “If you ‘re talking songs we’d be singing live on stage, I absolutely love singing Love in the First Degree, as high-pitched as it is. You really have to do it at the end because my voice has dropped a few octaves in the process, so yeah I love doing that one.

“That’s a bit of a crowd pleaser.”

She added: “I enjoy doing most of them for different reasons and With the obvious exception of Venus, which was a cover version, we were proud to have a part in writing so many hits and we’re still writing, doing new stuff which we don’t incorporate into our 80’s shows.”