Baby passed over garden wall in bid to trick social workers


A mum passed her baby son over a high garden wall in a bid to deceive social workers into thinking she had not been alone with him.

The woman, who is from the Northampton area but cannot be named for legal reasons, breached an agreement with Northamptonshire County Council that she should not be left unsupervised with the one-year-old.

When social workers arrived at her house, she tried to cover up by handing the baby over the wall so her mother could bring him to the front door in his pushchair and pretend she was returning after taking him for a walk.

But she eventually admitted her deception during family court proceedings, after witnesses came forward saying they had seen the act.

London’s Court of Appeal heard the mother almost lost her son entirely in August last year, after her actions persuaded a family judge that it was in the baby’s best interests to be put up for adoption.

The court heard she posed a ‘risk’ to her son because she was unable to cope with stress and, when faced with difficulty, behaves in an ‘emotional and completely over the top’ way, which could frighten 
and emotionally damage her son.

However, she has now been given a last chance to be reunited with her little boy, after three of the country’s top judges overturned the previous ruling and ordered that her case should be heard again by another family judge.

Lord Justice McFarlane said: “This whole case turns upon your ability to be trusted.”