Autistic teenager attacked by robber in Northampton alleyway

The Hill Shop in Hunsbury
The Hill Shop in Hunsbury

THE mother of a teenage boy robbed at knife-point in Northampton has said the ordeal has left the whole family frightened to leave the house.

The 15-year-old, who the Chronicle & Echo has agreed not to name, was walking along an alleyway from Higgins Square in Camp Hill on his way to buy a snack at The Hill Shop in Hunsbury Hill Road at about 3.30pm on Saturday when he was stopped by a man who demanded his mobile phone.

When the teenager refused to hand it over, the man produced a Stanley knife and attacked the teenager with it. The teenager suffered cuts to his face and shoulder before he was able to escape.

The victim’s mother told the Chron yesterday the cuts were not deep, but medical professionals had advised her they would probably leave scars.

She said her son, who suffers from autism, had been distressed by the attack but was trying to carry on as normal and attended school as usual yesterday. She said: “Usually he goes on his own but I had to take him to school this morning on the bus.

“It can be more difficult for children with autism to deal with traumatic things like this. Particularly with autistic children, it can play on their minds, leaving them with nightmares.

“He’s only been going out on his own for about the past six months,” she added. “It’s only been in that time that he has been feeling okay to do things himself, down to his autism. So this has come as a bit of a blow to him.”

The victim’s mother said the incident less than a year after the family had moved to the town had left her “very wary” of allowing her son, or his other siblings, out on their own, and frightened to go out of the house.

Police are appealing for witnesses to the robbery, after which the attacker ran off towards Higgins Square.

He is described as black, about 27 years old, skinny and between 6ft 1ins and 6ft 3ins. He had a big nose and wore a black hooded top with the hood up, and dark blue jeans. Witnesses, or anyone with information, can call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.