Attacks lead to cut in Northampton nightclub’s opening hours

Elysium in Horseshoe Street
Elysium in Horseshoe Street

A Northampton nightclub will be forced to restrict its hours of entry to 3am following a series of violent crimes and an alleged sexual assault over the last year.

A licensing committee has ruled that Elysium nightclub, in Horseshoe Street, Northampton, will no longer be allowed to admit customers after 3am and must empty the premises by 4.30am on Mondays to Saturdays.

The hearing took place following an application from Northamptonshire Police after they claimed the nightclub owners were not keeping to safety conditions set more than 18 months ago.

The committee heard that, following numerous reports of violence and assaults, the police set measures with the Elysium license holders to improve CCTV coverage around the premises, increase security staff, enforce a stricter search policy, ban glass bottles outside and bar troublemakers.

However, police submitted an application to restrict Elysium’s opening hours to 3.30am after they found some of these conditions were not being met and late night incidents of violence and public disorder were continuing.

This was because the majority of incidents, including fights, vandalism, mobile phone thefts and one alleged sexual assault, happened past 3am when, police claimed, those involved had had more time to consume alcohol.

Police also reported that Elysium had been selling alcohol at 5am, even though its license to trade stops at 4am.

Committee chairman Councillor Christopher Malpas said that in order to “minimise the bulk of public safety and disorder problems” Elysium will now have to ban entry past 3am. This, he said, would avoid intoxicated clubgoers moving there after other town centre bars and clubs closed at 3am.

The committee also added further conditions, including additional security staff for large functions as well as notices to customers to reduce noise and anti-social behaviour outside the premises.

The club will also have to have an electronic scanner to keep a record of customers’ identity information, which can later be matched to CCTV footage. These cost around £4,000 to install and are already used at some Northampton bars, including Momo in Abington Street, and soon at NB’s in Bridge Street.