ASBO for man who tried to break into Northampton’s All Saints church cafe using a candle

Magistrates and Crown courts northampton town centre.'080603JC43'news Desk
Magistrates and Crown courts northampton town centre.'080603JC43'news Desk

A persistent offender has been barred from Northampton town centre after police caught him trying to break into All Saints’ cafe using a church candle.

Magistrates handed Karl Pound, of Hunsbarow Road, Briar Hill, an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) this morning preventing him from entering central precincts of the town for two years unless he is attending a probation appointment.

The 49-year-old - who has a history of drink-related offences and has 20 convictions in all - was also handed a 28-week prison sentence for two offences.

Prosecuting on behalf of the Chief Constable Jonathan Dunne, said: “He has been seen numerous times drunk in Northampton town centre.

“He is regularly in a state of intoxication and when he is challenged by police he is violent.”

On Thursday, May 1, while in drink, Pound was charged with a public order offence for urinating in Abington Street during a busy shopping period.

When confronted by police he swore at an officer and later kicked him on the right shin, causing him injury.

Prosecuting, Julie Costello, said shoppers on that day had seen Pound “slurring his speech and swaying from side to side,” before swearing loudly and persistently.

While on bail for the May 1 offence, he attempted to break into the cafe area of All Saints Church using a large church candlestick.

The incident, in the early hours of May 28, was witnessed by a member of the public through the church windows after he was alerted to the crime when he heard “banging” coming from within.

Pound later admitted he was looking for alcohol in the cafe.

The ASBO will also prevent Pound carrying any ‘open vessel’ containing alcohol within Northamptonshire and from using abusive, insulting or threatening words to any person in a public place within the county.

Defending for him at Northampton Magistrates Court this morning, Vicky Barke said Pound was willing to seek help for his alcohol addiction.

“We are in a situation where society needs help from Mr Pound, but Mr Pound also needs help from society for his alcohol problems,” she said.