Angry Northampton woman paying hundreds of pounds for a parking permit is set to move out of town because of lack of spaces

St John's car park, Northampton. Photo credit, Google Maps
St John's car park, Northampton. Photo credit, Google Maps

A disgruntled woman, who pays £350 for a yearly parking permit, claims that her family will “seriously consider moving” out of Northampton if she isn’t guaranteed a car parking space.

The woman of Victoria Promenade, who does not wish to be named, can only use her permit in St John’s multi-storey car park but the seventh floor cannot be used and is often empty because the spaces are reserved for a nearby residential development.

The mother-of-two is calling on Northampton borough council to make some provisions because other floors in the car park are often “completely full” and she has had to park in St Peter’s Way, making her way back home with her young children in the dark.

She said: “Some provisions need to be made in the town, it will soon be Christmas and parking will be a nightmare. I can’t park anywhere else in the town.

“Since the area has welcomed a hotel and student accommodation it has been a disaster. The hotel has no parking facilities, we seriously consider moving.”

A spokesperson for Northampton borough council said: “We’re always sorry to hear of any inconvenience caused to local residents, however, St John’s car park is very popular with visitors to town and one floor of the car park does offer reserved parking for a nearby residential development as part of a 10-year agreement.

“Any permit-holders who are struggling to find a space can talk to one of our car park attendants who are on hand until 8.30pm. If possible they will direct people to space within the same car park, if not they will ensure that the permit holder is able to park at one of the other car parks in the town centre.

“Anyone who is regularly having an issue with finding a parking space is welcome to contact us to change their allocated car park.”

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