Angry Northampton man could pay bailiffs hundreds of pounds following parking ticket fine

Jaeson Edwards of Kingsthorpe could have to pay bailiffs over �300
Jaeson Edwards of Kingsthorpe could have to pay bailiffs over �300

A Northampton man, who replaced his parking ticket after it expired while he was eating at a Vietnamese restaurant, has been ordered to pay hundreds of pounds to a debt collector.

Jaeson Edwards of Kingsthorpe was parked at St Peter’s Way car park on Wednesday, June 10, 2015, when he was fined £50 for parking after the expiry of paid time on the basis of his first ticket purchase.

The businessman, who was on a working lunch at the time, made an appeal to the Parking Investigation Officer - which was upheld - but it is understood that he failed to make a formal representation to the penalty notice in April.

Mr Edwards told the Chronicle & Echo that he made a formal representation in March and understood the charge was cancelled and the recovery revoked.

He said: “I’ve parked there (St Peter’s Way) a couple of hundred times a year. They issued the fine on the old ticket, and didn’t see the new one.”

Mr Edwards, who has moved address temporarily, claims that he “wasn’t aware that the (County) Council were still chasing” him and could have to pay bailiffs £393 as he didn’t recieve his mail.

He added: “It makes me feel so frustrated, my son’s Christmas presents are under the tree, it makes you feel horrible. I don’t want the door to be kicked in if I’m working 16 hours a day.

“The APR in this instance represents an increase of 78.600 percent in less than a year.”

A Northamptonshire County Council spokesman said: “Anyone who has received a parking ticket is entitled to appeal and this is considered by an experienced Parking Investigation Officer who is employed by the council. In this case, the Parking Investigation Officer upheld the penalty notice.

“The driver was then sent a ‘notice to owner’, which explains how to pay the fine or make a formal representation. No formal representation to this penalty notice has been received and therefore the case cannot be taken to the independent adjudication service.”