American Football charity event set for the Racecourse in Northampton today

A flag American football tournament is set for the Racecourse today.
A flag American football tournament is set for the Racecourse today.

American ‘flag’ Football is set to touch-down in Northampton today as part of a tournament to raise money for cancer and mental health charities

Charity Bowl II, organised by 27-year-old Amy Griffiths, of East Hunsbury, is due to begin on the Racecourse between 10am and 5pm today.

The tournament, to be held opposite the University of Northampton Avenue campus, will see 24 American ‘flag’ football teams from around the UK battle it out for a prize in a non-contact version of the game.

Miss Griffiths said she is hoping to raise more than £1,000 for Macmillan Cancer Care and Northampton charity Spectrum, which helps adults mental health issues, learning difficulties and disabilities.

She said: “Sometimes you can feel so useless – but I guess this is my way of helping as much as I can.

“Spectrum do such a good job and it’s nice to do something for the local community.”

It will be the second Charity Bowl event to be held at the Racecourse, with last year’s raising £700.

Each player will pay £3 to take part and the total will be topped up by a charity raffle which has Cobblers and Saints tickets up for grabs.

Miss Griffiths said flag American Football is a growing sport in the UK, with many people preferring it to its full-contact counterpart.

Instead of bruising tackles typical of the full game, competitors carry a flag, which the defending team must try and remove to tackle their opponents.

“A lot of these people have never played before so it will be their first actual game.” Miss Griffiths said.

“It’s nice to be able to play and appreciate the game and then be able to get up for work on a Monday morning without feeling like you have gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson.”