Ambulance firm tried to pull out of Northamptonshire patient deal

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A non-emergency ambulance firm which won a Northamptonshire contract over the NHS, had told health bosses they could no longer continue collecting patients.

NSL Ltd and NHS Nene have both said this week that the company was now willing to honour the deal it signed in 2012.

But minutes of an NHS Nene finance meeting in January showed NSL believed that it could not carry on.

The report said: “NSL Ltd has provided this service for Northamptonshire since July 2012, running for five years, but now believe the contract is unsustainable.

“There are ongoing issues for the counties involved (Northamptonshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire) and NSL would like the contract and activity levels reviewed.”

The report added that there were ongoing “significant concerns” regarding the quality of the service, including collecting patients on time, which were backed up by some patient complaints.

NHS Nene would not elaborate as the deal with NSL was commercially sensitive. NSL also refused to comment.

NHS Nene put forward a proposal for a revised contract which has been rejected. As things stood when the finance minutes were recorded, the offer was to be put back on the table and if rejected again, mediation was to be sought. In the meantime NHS Nene resolved to “enforce service standards”.

The Northamptonshire health and social care watchdog, Healthwatch, declined to comment when approached by the Chron yesterday.