Althorp reveals Earl Spencer’s wife is expecting new baby

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EARL Spencer and his new wife, Countess Karen Spencer, have announced they are expecting a baby together.

The couple revealed that Countess Spencer is 16 weeks pregnant and ‘feeling great’.

Her bump, which is already showing, is due to arrive in July.

Countess Spencer, 37, who became the Earl’s third wife when they married last summer at Althorp, said: “I was a little tired in the early weeks, but I am 16 weeks now and I am feeling great.

“We’re all very excited and, just delighted about it.”

The Earl, who will become a father of seven, said: “We’re delighted, particularly my five-year-old daughter, Lara, who’s very excited to no longer be the baby of the family.”

The Rev David Saint, who led the ceremony at the Earl’s second wedding and was involved with the latest marriage, said he was delighted the Earl was going to have another child.

He said: “It’s always nice to hear somebody is expecting a child and I’m delighted for them. It’s really good news.”

It will be Countess Spencer’s third child, with two daughters from her previous marriage to producer Mark Gordon.

The Earl had four children with his first wife, Victoria Lockwood, including 21-year-old Lady Kitty, twins Lady Eliza and Lady Amelia, who are both 19, and son Louis, Viscount Althorp, who is 17. With his second wife, Caroline Freud, he had two children, Lord Edmund Spencer, who is eight, and Lady Lara, who is five.

He was married to the new Countess Spencer during a private ceremony at Althorp during the summer, which was attended by only close family and friends.

The Countess added she was ‘looking forward to having a little one in tow’ at the Cycle 4 Cynthia event later this year, see page 5.

In September she made her first official appearance by opening the charity event, hosted at the couple’s Althorp home.

Before moving to Britain, Countess Spencer, a model and charity worker from Canada, founded the Los Angeles-based charity, Whole Child International, which helps children in orphanages across the world.