Alleged victim told 'demonstrable lies' claims defence for Northampton police officer accused of rape

PC Declan Gabriel denies all the charges against him.
PC Declan Gabriel denies all the charges against him.

The defence for a Northampton police officer charged on trial for raping a teenager has argued the alleged victim told a "number of demonstrable lies" in his closing speech.

PC Declan Gabriel is also facing two further counts of sexual assault and a charge of misconduct in a public office for the alleged events on September 21, 2015.

The officer, who was still on probation at the time, is accused of making a 17-year-od girl he was trying to find accommodation for perform oral sex on him in a lay-by near Milton Malsor Crematorium.

Gabriel denies all charges, claiming in fact, the girl sexually assaulted him as he adjusted his boxer shorts in an unmarked police car.

In his closing speech defence barrister Stephen Evans, said there were a number of inconsistencies in the prosecution case.

He said: "This is a case that looked straight forward but as you heard evidence, every one of them was a prosecution witness and every one of them gave you a different account of what the victim had said."

The barrister went on to say, the family would have also had "good reasons" for changing their evidence.

"They are family; they are on her side," he said.

"They want to try and make things better for her."

Reading out an early account of that morning's events by the alleged victim to her sister, Mr Evans said: "I don't want anything to happen to this police officer he is a nice guy."

He further read out a statement in which the alleged victim initially said: "I kind of went along with it a little bit."

Her recollection of the events to her sister, her social worker Adam Treen and PC Martina Booth in the day after the incident all differed as well, he claimed.

"She has told you a number of demonstrable lies," added Mr Evans.

The defence barrister said, though Gabriel and the girl were in contact for around two hours, they were only driving in the car for about half-an-hour.

He said: "Only two people know what happened in that car.

"Those two people are saying very different things.

"The prosecution and the defence disagree. They both can't be right; you have to work out who is telling the truth."

Mr Evans went on to say there was no forensic evidence to suggest the girl had performed a sex act on Gabriel.

The girl also refused a medical examination after the incident and, he claimed, "panicked" when she learned police were going to take her clothing away for testing.

Talking about Gabriel's testimony, earlier in the day, he said: "He has been consistent hasn't he?

"Consistency is the hallmark of truth we have no problem being consistent when we are telling the truth.

"He offered his clothes for examination. He has done everything to cooperate, she didn't."

The jury is likely to be sent out on Monday.