All non-emergency surgery at Northampton General Hospital cancelled due to busy A&E

Northampton General Hospital
Northampton General Hospital

All non-urgent operations at Northampton General Hospital have been cancelled today because of high volumes of A&E patients.

Dr Sonia Swart, chief executive of Northampton General Hospital, said: “We apologise for the delays currently being experienced by people attending our A&E department.

“The cumulative build-up of demand for our services is now having a significant impact on our ability to see, treat and discharge patients as quickly as we would wish to.”

Currently the hospital is having to admit more patients because they are ill, and is unable to discharge patients as quickly as they would wish to because they are not able to access services and the support in the community they need.

“There is no single reason for the rise in demand.

“We are experiencing increased pressure across all age groups, including children. All our teams are working extremely hard to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our staff for their efforts and commitment.”

On Monday, NGH asked people living in Northampton and the surrounding area to consider whether or not they need to come to A&E or if they should first seek advice from their pharmacist, GP or by telephoning 111.

A spokesman said anyone attending A&E with a non-urgent problem will face a much longer wait for treatment as patients are being prioritised according to how ill they are.

Dr Swart said: “We are being supported by our partners across the health community and we are making every effort to resolve the situation together”

“All our inpatients are being reviewed by a consultant to assess whether they are fit for discharge and, if they are, they are being discharged to the most appropriate setting, be that home, a care home or to a community bed, but unfortunately this is not happening as quickly as we would like.”

NGH said the situation is being closely monitored and patients who are due to be admitted over the coming days will be contacted by the hospital if there are any changes.