All hail brave trekkers

A team of charity trekkers braved blistering sun, torrential rain, gale force winds, sleet, hail and even flooding to complete a 96 mile walk.

The five friends hiked the length of the long distance West Highland Way in Scotland for three different charity organisations.

Rachel Hibbert, from Wootton, supporting Diabetes UK on her first ever expedition and Damien Lord, from Long Buckby, raising

monies for Lymphoma and Leukaemia research, in memory of his Nan, joined Clare Stokes, from Kettering, along with Scott Standing and Lee Christian from London who were walking to raise funds for the Scottish Mountain Rescue closely by the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd.

It took the team eight days to complete the distance, camping out and carrying heavy packs containing their vital equipment.

The team even helped another group nearing the end of route as the weather had become so bad that two of its members were in the stages of hypothermia and were saved by Lee and Damien.

Pleased to have finished the tricky hike Damien said: “Whilst it was a gruelling challenge all of the team thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the expedition and all the sights and laughs along the way.

“The expedition was a challenge to say the least with the weather at points not helping.”

Each of the trekker’s chosen charities will receive over £1,000.