Aldi announces plan for home delivery service using Northamptonshire warehouse


Budget supermarket chain Aldi has announced plans to launch an online delivery service and is using a warehouse in Northamptonshire during a four-week trial of the service, it has been reported.

The German-owned grocer, announced a profit of 250.6 million yesterday, a 3.9 per cent drop from £260.9 million the year before.

In the annual financial statement, Aldi confirmed plans to launch an eCommerce operation early next year that will allow customers to order their shopping online to be delivered to their home.

Matthew Barnes, CEO of Aldi UK and Ireland, said the firm would begin with selling wine and non-food ranges from the start of next year.

The MailOnline has reported that Aldi has teamed up with distribution firm iForce, which also counts retailer Fortnum & Mason as a customer, to store and pack the goods, which will then be delivered to customers by Parcelforce.

Aldi is also believed to be using a warehouse in Corby during a four-week trial of the service, which began yesterday.

Mr Barnes said: “Our focus on offering the best-quality products and range at unbeatable, straightforward prices is bringing more and more shoppers through our doors, helping us to achieve consistent market-leading growth in sales.

“As the grocery market continues to evolve, our unique model, operational efficiency, private ownership and financial strength mean we’re able to keep investing in our business – from people and presence to products and prices.”

“The past 25 years has been an incredible journey for Aldi in the UK. During that time, the grocery market has changed beyond recognition – and changed for the better. At present, there is still 47 per cent of households that don’t shop with us. We’re hugely excited about the enormous scope for growth over the next 25 years.”