Alcoholic jailed after threatening to explode bomb outside Northampton police station

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An alcoholic has been jailed for 12 weeks after he threatened to blow up a Northampton police station during a series of phone calls made from inside a wardrobe in his house.

Threatening phone calls made by Patrick Kelly, aged 54, led to seven different emergency vehicles being called out and an evacuation of homes in Cardigan Close, Dallington, on Friday.

Northampton Magistrates’ Court heard Kelly had made five 999 calls to Northamptonshire Police in a short period of time and made a number of threats to blow up Campbell Square police station.

Matthew Thomas, prosecuting, said: “Kelly said he had gas bottles and semtex and was going to put them outside the police station and blow them up with his rifle.”

Kelly later claimed to police that he had a number of rifles and ammunition and was going to blow up his property if anyone went near it.

Kelly said he wanted to “set the whole place ablaze and get the whole town burning.”

Mr Thomas said Kelly had also claimed he had “killed someone” during the phone calls to police and then rung back shortly afterwards to ask why someone had not called him back after his murder claims.

Mr Thomas said: “He was intoxicated on the phone and not talking a lot of sense.”

The court heard that, due to the constant threatening calls from Kelly, Northamptonshire Police made the decision to respond to the ‘high risk’ nature of him possibly having a shotgun and explosives.

As a result of Kelly’s calls an armed response unit, ambulance, fire engine and representative from National Grid were called out to his property.

Cardigan Close was sealed off to the public and nearby residents were evacuated from their homes.

Kevin Carter, defending, said Kelly was a chronic alcoholic who had been sitting in a wardrobe drinking when he made the phone calls to the police.

Mr Carter said that when armed response officers entered Kelly’s address, they found no sign of him in the property. However, a short while later, he tumbled out of a wardrobe.

He said: “When I asked him why he did this he is unable to give a reason other than the fact he is desperately waiting for an implant in his stomach which will help him quit alcohol.”

Kelly pleaded guilty to five charges of sending obscene, menacing or offensive electronic communications and one public order offence.

The court heard Kelly had been jailed for previous offences committed last year.