Alcohol confiscated by police officers in Northampton town centre

Police officers have been raising awareness in Northampton’s Market Square as part of an operation to clamp down on street drinking in the town.

PCSOs Chloe Edwards and Naomi Burkart-Barker have been manning a market stall in the town centre today (Friday) and yesterday (Thursday) where they have been handing out leaflets and chatting to shoppers.

They have also been handing out bells for shoppers to put on their purses and bags.

The town centre is subject to a Designated Public Places Order, which means police officers, PCSOs and wardens have the power to confiscate alcohol from anyone who has been or intends to drink alcohol in a public place, when its consumption is associated with anti-social behaviour.

The police officers had a trolley full of confiscated alcohol bottles and cans.

Naomi said: “We have seen a reduction in street drinking in the town centre compared to last year.”