'Alchemists' brew up coffee cocktails at Northampton gin bar for six-month anniversary

A Northampton gin bar has brewed up a new menu of coffee-inspired cocktails to thank customers on their six-month anniversary in the town.

Thursday, 13th June 2019, 1:51 pm
The team at Gin and Temple have brewed up a new range of coffee cocktails.

The "alchemy" team at Gin & Temple, St Giles Street, have been hard at work in the lab to craft a new range of boozy cold-brew beverages.

It takes inspiration from the nation's favourite coffees, including the espresso 'gintini', the 'frapugino' and the dry cortado.

Co-owners Max Taylor-Smith and Cillian Hickey say they want to thank customers in time for June 28 when they mark their sixth month open for business.

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New recipes include the Frapugino (pictured), the espresso gintini and the dry cortado.

Max said: "We've been hard at work over the past month in the back room trying to get the mix just right so the new menu has the same texture and flavour of a good coffee.

"It meant trying all sorts of different milks and techniques. It was a bit like alchemy. There were challenges, like how it was to recreate that frothy milk feeling without heating the milk up.

"I can't reveal all my secrets though."

The new menu will go on sale on June 28 - with a discount to say thank you to customers - before it joins the bar's normal repertoire.

The team at Gin and Temple are celebrating their six-month anniversary in the town.

Max said: "It's been a brilliant first few months. This is a bit of a celebration and we wanted to make an occasion of it.

"We've met so many customers who have helped make it a place where we hope people can come and have fun.

"Northampton has a real love affair with coffee looking at all its good coffee shops, so this felt like a good way to celebrate."

The coffee collection will be brewed using blends from the Yellow Bourbon coffee shop in Angel Street.

Gin and Temple co-owner Cillian Hickey, mixologist Simeon Worrell and co-owner Max Taylor-Smith.