Alan Moore says his new film is inspired by the “darkness” in Northampton

Alan Moore reading one of his stories in St James Library
Alan Moore reading one of his stories in St James Library
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A world famous graphic novelist from Northampton says the “darkness” in his new film has been inspired by Northampton.

Alan Moore, who has written comic books such as V for Vendetta and Watchmen, is currently filming his latest work of fiction called The Show, which charts the lives of characters who inhabit the ‘underworld’ of Jimmy’s End Working Men’s Club in Nighthampton, an alternate version of Northampton.

In a recent TV interview, Mr Moore said he believed Northampton was “absolutely average” but also a “very unusual” town.

He said: “I got the darkness from Northampton. In many ways this is an absolutely average town. It is right in the geographical centre of the country and in many ways it is the political and economic centre of the country. This is more or less where the money runs out.

“In every other sense this is a very unusual town. Most of the violence in British history, all of the big internal wars, have ended in Northamptonshire.”

Mr Moore, who has famously rebuffed any offers from Hollywood to write for the big screen, said the series of short films that made up The Show were “exactly the way” he wanted his writing to be presented.

Talking to Channel 4 news, he said; “I am dead set against Hollywood adaptations that can only recycle what has already been done or adapt things from media where they were never intended to be films.”

The Show is filmed in different locations in Northampton including the crypt in Delapre Abbey.

The film features a range of diverse characters including burlesque dancers and clowns. Jimmy’s End Working Men’s club is used as a scene of purgatory where the characters confront their demons and vices.