Action group to close down after planning inspector backs homes in Northamptonshire village

The campaigners and supporters put up signs and posters to highlight their concerns
The campaigners and supporters put up signs and posters to highlight their concerns

The action group set up to oppose a plans for homes on the edge of Weedon is to close down after the application was approved.

Weedon Action Group was created by residents to try and stop the outline planning application for land off New Street.

They campaigned against the proposals citing that the site was outside the current village, would increase traffic on a narrow road, and impact village facilities including the school and surgery

Daventry District Council refused permission, but it has now been granted after the developers Gladman appealed to a planning inspector, leading the group to call time on its activities.

The next step will be a details application for the design and location of the homes on the site.

On behalf of the rest of the action group, Dale Langley said: “We’ve put our heart and soul into fighting this development and we believe that there’s very little that our exhausted minds can do to contribute to any future process preventing development on this site.

“The parish council will post details of any planning applications for the New Street site on their Facebook page, website and in the village news. You’ll have the opportunity to comment on those once they surface (remember that the objections will now need to be about the development itself, not the viability or suitability of New Street for development).

“So if we hear that there’s not going to be any further challenge against this development, we’ll be retiring the action group and related social media accounts

“Whether you were anti- or pro-development off New Street, we’re very proud to have seen a very lively, active and interesting debate and the fight against the development has been a prime example of how the sense of community spirit is alive and well in our village.

“The neighbourhood planning process in Weedon continues despite these houses being approved and it will be revised based on your feedback and comments on the draft plan... remember it’s not all about housing! So please continue to show your support and join the Facebook group.

“There are too many people to thank individually, so many of you have contributed in differing ways. We’re very upset that we didn’t get a better outcome for our village but we couldn’t have done any more and it’s all down to you. So I’ll leave you with a great big heartfelt thank you.”