Acting Northampton university graduates to tackle bizarre world record attempts to fund theatre show

Two University of Northampton graduates are daring the public to pay for them to attempt ridiculous world records, in a bid to fund their Brighton Fringe theatre show.

Monday, 4th March 2019, 10:38 am
Updated Monday, 4th March 2019, 11:45 am
Pictured left-right: Caroline Avis and Millie Hunt.

Acting graduates Millie Hunt and Caroline Avis have devised a series of madcap challenges, which they will undertake in return for sponsorship money for their Socially Awkward Theatre Company.

Challenges include balancing as many snails on Millie’s face as possible, Caroline drinking a bottle of tomato ketchup and one of them throwing as many shoes at the other within a minute.

All money raised will be used by their theatre company to stage a four-show run of their latest production, The Noise Maker, during May’s Brighton Fringe.

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Caroline said: “Our supporters have been amazing in the past, helping to pay for festival registration fees, admin fees, rehearsal spaces, press and marketing and little touches to make our shows become bigger than ever.

“We now need help to raise the final payments for performing in the fringe venue, paying the box office, flyering, insurance, lighting equipment and a lot of fake blood.

“In order to make this a little bit more interesting, we wanted to ask supporters, how much would they pay for us to do something ridiculous?”

Their fundraising target is £1,400 and when they reach certain amounts they will attempt a world record. The higher the amount raised, the more ridiculous the world record attempt.

The world record attempts are as follows:

£100 – Most leap frogs in 30 seconds

£200 – Most Jaffa Cakes eaten in one minute

£300 – Most balloons popped with bare hands in one minute

£400 – Most amount of M&Ms eaten within one minute

£500 – Most doughnuts eaten without licking lips

£600 – Most T-shirts put on in one minute

£700 – Most crackers eaten in one minute

£800 – Most shoes thrown at your friend in one minute

£900 – Most amount of trousers worn in one minute

£1,000 – Most amount of jumping jacks in 30 seconds

£1,100 – Most amount of sweetcorn eaten with a toothpick

£1,200 – Quickest time to eat a raw onion

£1,300 – Quickest time to eat a melon

£1,400 – Caroline’s worst: Quickest time to drink a bottle of ketchup

£1,500 – Millie’s worst: Most snails balanced on a face.

To support Caroline and Millie, visit the Socially Awkward Theatre Company Facebook page.