Abington homes lose power after underground cable fault in Northampton


More than 100 homes in Abington were without power today (Tuesday) due to an underground fault.

Around 120 properties lost power early this morning in the Abington area of Northampton.

Residents have reported that the power has been off and on all day.

The majority of the 120 properties now have power again, although it is likely around 35 homes will be without power until later this evening.

A spokesman for Western Power said: “We have engineers working at the moment to fix the problem.

“They have been able to restore the power to some properties.

“The remaining properties will not have any power until the repair is fixed.”

Western Power confirmed that it was an underground cable fault which has caused the power loss.

The spokesman continued: “It is likely the remaining properties won’t have power until late this evening.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”