A43 Moulton bypass set to be approved by Northamptonshire County Council

Moulton Bypass map NNL-140112-084315001
Moulton Bypass map NNL-140112-084315001

A planned bypass for Moulton, which will allow thousands of new homes to be built on the edge of Northampton, is set to be approved on Tuesday August 4.

Northamptonshire County Council’s development control committee will discuss the application for the A43 bypass to the east of Moulton.

The section of road would open up land for the urban extension of North Northampton where 2,000 homes are proposed. The road also forms part of plans to turn the A43 into a dual carriageway between .

Officers have recommended the road for approval, subject to conditions including traffic calming measures for the existing A43.

Several residents living near the proposed new road have raised concerns including increased noise.

However, the planning officers point out none of the statutory consultees including environmental health, and steps can be taken to reduce the noise including bunds and low-noise road surfaces.

At the start of July Daventry District Council backed the application. The committee generally approved of the proposal, but some voiced issues they believed needed looking into.

Cllr Daniel Cribbin said: “At the moment the current roundabout onto Overstone Road has a significant S-bend and this slows traffic on a road where speed is an issue – if the speed camera van is in the village, it is invariably on that road.

“The new roundabout seems to smooth out those bends. I would like to see it looked at again.”

Others pointed out that the planned toucan crossings would have the effect of slowing up traffic along a road intended to speed it up and asked if a bridge would be suitable.

But Cllr Alan Chantler pointed out that a fully accessible bridge would require a large ramp at either end, pushing the price up.

The applicant has said a pedestrian bridge, of a height tall enough to accommodate large lorries, would cost in the region of £250,000, and the large numbers of steps and the length of access ramps would likely put off people from using it.