A ‘sadist’ rapist who copied brutal American History X scene locked up for 11 years

Troy Foster
Troy Foster

A “sadistic and dangerous” 20-year-old who quoted a line from the film American History X before raping a man has been locked up for 11 years.

Troy Foster, formerly of Northampton, subjected two brothers to a horrific ordeal after he managed to force his way into their flat in Kettering.

Northampton Crown Court heard that Foster, of no fixed address, was seen in CCTV footage standing outside a block of flats in the Northamptonshire town shortly before midnight on May 26 this year.

Claire Howell, prosecuting, said the brothers could not understand what Foster said when he buzzed the intercom but one of them went down and let him in as they assumed he was there to visit someone else.

But, as soon as he was inside the communal area, Foster, who was bare chested, began punching one of the brothers and barged his way into their flat.

Foster then picked up a broom and threatened the two men before he then cornered them and got hold of a metal pool cue which he used to hit one of the brothers.

Ms Howell said Foster then ordered the brothers to go into the kitchen and strip and lay down on the floor.

One of the brothers refused and Foster said he would “stab him with a broken vodka bottle” if he did not do what he was told.

Ms Howell said: “He stamped on one of the men’s heads and said ‘I will show you what sort of man I am’.

“He then pulled down his trousers and exposed his penis.”

At this point, one of the brothers managed to push Foster into the living room but he then grabbed hold of the other brother and marched him out of the flat and to a nearby industrial estate.

Ms Howell said Foster then quoted a line from the film American History X which was an instruction to “put his front teeth on the kerb.”

Foster then raped the 26-year-old man which was followed by a “savage attack” which included kicking and punching.

The rape victim then managed to walk back to the flat where he was discovered by police officers who had been called by his brother.

Ms Howell said the victim initially did not mention the sexual element of the attack but this was discovered after police studied CCTV footage of the rape in the industrial estate.

Ms Howell said the rape victim, who was heterosexual, had been left “struggling to come to terms with what had happened to him” and suffered a fractured cheekbone and chipped front tooth.

His brother suffered heavy bruising and a fractured rib.

The court was told that Foster, who refused to appear in court for his sentencing, had 24 convictions for 55 offences and had been released on licence nine months into an 18-month custodial sentence for robbery, just four days before he carried out the rape.

Foster also had a history of violence which dated back to when he was six years old and threw a chair at a teacher.

Judge Rupert Mayo, sentencing, said Foster was someone who “enjoyed having power over others” and was an “extremely dangerous man who was a risk to the public.”

Judge Mayo said: “You enacted control over your victims in an extremely sadistic and humiliating manner.

“The rape was a deliberate act of sadistic humiliation which was partly motivated by a hatred of gay men.”

Judge Mayo said the rape had “destroyed the relationship” between the two brothers as one blamed himself for not stopping the attack.

Foster, who pleaded guilty to all four charges against him, was given a custodial sentence of four years for grievous bodily harm (GBH), four years for false imprisonment, five-and-a-half years for another GBH charge and seven years for rape.

The first GBH charge and the rape charge will run consecutively which makes a total of 11 years. Foster will also be on licence for at least a further five years and must sign the sexual offenders register for life.