A Northampton dieter who “wants to be around to see her grandchildren grow up” loses over 17 stone

Tracey Topping's two year weight loss journey
Tracey Topping's two year weight loss journey

An inspirational Northampton woman, who has lost nearly 18 stone in two years, is now the life and soul of the party.

Tracey Topping, 46, of Thorplands joined the Weston Favell Slimming World group on November 1, 2014, and has since lost 17st 7lbs.

Back in 2014, Mrs Topping weighed in at 29st 6lb and told the Chronicle & Echo that she was struggling to walk and wanted to be around to see her grandchildren grow up.

She said: “At first I didn’t have a target weight, I thought I’d really struggle through and there would be no way that I’d ever get to being 13 st. I still didn’t set a target, but now I’m 11st 13lb.

“My life has changed loads, I am so much happier. I used to be miserable and moany. If I went out, I sat in the corner. Now, if I am invited to a party I am singing on karaoke and dancing.”

Mrs Topping has been unemployed until July this year when she managed to successfully land a job at a nearby supermarket.

This week, the inspirational dieter is due to start training to become a Slimming World consultant and is set to play host to her very own group in Cogenhoe next January.

She added: “I’ve found Slimming World easy. The food is simple and the recipes are so good, it’s quick and easy food.”

Weston Favell, group consultant, Alicia Myall told the Chronicle & Echo that Slimming World has seen countless weight losses, but there have been few and far between like Tracey’s.

She said: “The Slimming World team at Weston Favell have helped Tracey by supporting, encouraging and inspiring her.

“Apart from one man I’ve heard of, who lost 26 stone, it’s rare to have somebody to lose like this - men tend to lose weight a lot faster.”