98-year-olds celebrate 78 years of marriage...yes, 78 years of marriage!

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AN INSEPARABLE couple from Northampton who have just celebrated their 78th wedding anniversary have said the secret of a long, happy marriage is to resolve any arguments quickly.

When Albert and Lilian Brawn, who live in Northampton town centre, got married on September 17, 1932, the Nazis were yet to take control of Germany and the United States of America was in the middle of the Great Depression.

Mr and Mrs Brawn are believed to be the second longest married couple living in the UK and are three years behind the all-time record set by Thomas and Elizabeth Morgan, of Caerleon, South Wales, who were married for 81 years 260 days.

Mr Brawn, aged 98, said: “Everybody has their disputes but some people think now that if you have a row you should divorce each other. Everyone has their opinion but if your wife says something you don’t agree with then just accept it. If you are in the wrong then you should say sorry.”

Mrs Brawn, aged 98, said: “Couples should try not to quarrel as too much quarrelling can kill a marriage.”

The couple first met when they were working in the leather trade and Albert offered his future wife part of his apple tart.

Mr Brawn said: “I was having lunch when a load of girls walked past and one of them said ‘give us a bit’. I said ‘who said that’ and then when she came back I gave her half of my apple tart.

“That night I went home and told my mum to cut my apple tart in two the next day so I could always share it with Lilian.”

The couple were married at the old registry office in Abington Square and Mr Brawn later got a job at Wilson and Tilt shoe factory in Spring Lane, Northampton.

During the war, the pair became particularly well known in the town as they used to travel to different venues to put on a ‘Mirth and Melody’ show featuring Mrs Brawn singing, dancing and telling jokes.

The couple also enjoyed numerous holidays to Butlins holiday camps where they won awards for dancing and in a first place in a ‘Mr and Mrs’ competition.

The couple have one son, four grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

Granddaughter Michelle Pearson said: “We just think it is amazing they have always been there for each other and the rest of the family.”