700 people win campaign to save Northampton corner shop business

A corner shop in Northampton that was set to be demolished to make way for new council houses will be moved further up the same street.

Wednesday, 22nd June 2016, 6:00 am

In January, Nicky’s News, in Little Cross Street, Spring Boroughs, was excluded from plans to build 18 new homes to smarten up the area.

Initial proposals showed that the building would be flattened along with the entire street, sparking a petition to save it that was signed by more than 700 people.

But an official planning application now submitted shows the business will move to a specially extended St Peter’s House down the street before the demolition vehicles move in, which looks set to be September.

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Danielle Stone, (Lab, Castle) said: “It’s a shop but it’s also a community hub. They look out for people, check on them if they haven’t been seen for a few days, things a business doesn’t do.

“The relationship between the shop and the community was built up over 19 years and you couldn’t simply replace that.

“Good on Northampton Partnership Homes for listening.”

The proposed development aims to replace the existing empty homes on Little Cross Street with nine one-bedroom flats and nine two-bedroom maisonettes aimed at single people, couples and families for affordable rent.

An artist's impression of the planned new homes in Little Cross Street

Northampton Partnership Homes will manage the development on behalf of Northampton Borough Council.

The proposal forms part of a wider regeneration scheme for Spring Boroughs, including new-build homes and improvements to existing homes and open space.

An artist's impression of the planned new homes in Little Cross Street