414 properties around Northampton’s Greyfriars bus station receive letters about demolition dubbed ‘Blowdown Day’ by company

Greyfriars bus station NNL-140716-162813001
Greyfriars bus station NNL-140716-162813001

More than 400 properties situated around the Greyfriars bus station in Northampton have received warning letters ahead of the demolition day.

DSM Demolition Ltd - the company behind the demolition of Greyfriars bus station in Lady’s Lane - has hand-delivered 414 letters to properties around the site in the last couple of days.

Greyfriars - once home to Northampton’s bus station - will be demolished in between five and eight seconds on Sunday, March 15 using controlled explosives.

In the letter given out to all 414 properties, DSM dubbed March 15 as ‘blowdown day’, which will see the entire 20,000 tonne structure implode.

The letter advised residents that they will need to leave their homes from 8am on blowdown day.

Darren Warner, project manager for DSM, said: “The evacuation of residential properties within the zone will commence at 8am. We acknowledge this is early, particularly on a Sunday morning, however, there are a number of final checks and preparations that cannot be carried out until the exclusion zone is clear and secure.

“We apologise in advance for the hopefully minor inconvenience and respectfully request your patience and co-operation on blowdown day, which will greatly assist in your early return to your residence.”

Residents were also advised in the letter that free overnight parking will be offered overnight on March 14/15 and that an evacuation centre will be provided on the day.

The Chron has been told the evacuation centre will be at the Park Inn in Northampton.

Mr Warner said: “An evacuation centre will be provided on the day for use by you and your family where refreshments and amenities will be available for the duration of the blowdown.”

Residents were advised that further information will be issued nearer the time.

A residents’ meeting is also being arranged where people will be able to discuss any concerns.

In an additional questionnaire provided, residents were advised that any cars left in the exclusion zone may be covered in dust.

DSM advised that pets including cats, dogs, hamsters and budgerigars can be left in the property but not near any windows.

Steel fences are set to enclose the as-yet-undefined exclusion zone while a 70-strong team of DSM employees and police will patrol its perimeter.

Northampton Borough Council has insisted the demolition is ‘not a public event’ and has warned people to stay area from the town centre.

Members of the public will be able to watch the demolition live on the Chron website on the day.