£4,000 donation to pay for library makeover

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A significant proportion of a £10,000 cash prize, won by a Northampton residents’ group in a competition run by a national newspaper, has been used to refurbish a school library.

Hardingstone Residents’ Group won the large amount of money in a Spring Clean For The Queen contest in July last year and have decided to use £4,000 to pay for a renovation of the village primary school’s library.

Hardingstone residents collected 100 bags of rubbish after they carried out a spring clean of the area during a weekend in May last year.

Tina Sweetser, spokesman for the group, said: “After we won the money we sat down and decided how best we wanted to share it with the local community.

“The school was an obvious option and we want to give individual groups as much money as we can.”

The cost of the refurbishment of Hardingstone Primary School’s library, which includes putting in new shelving, will cost £7,000 so the school still needs to raise the remaining money.

Robin Bunting, headteacher of Hardingstone Primary School, said: “The group has generously agreed to pay a big chunk of the cost of the new library, but we still need to raise £3,000 to over the full cost.

“It is a good example of a community group and a school working together to achieve a goal which will benefit the young people who attend my school for many years to come.”