£100 parking fine for diner at McDonald’s in Northampton

McDonald's restaurant, Weston Favell
McDonald's restaurant, Weston Favell
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A woman has complained after receiving a £100 fine for parking in a McDonald’s restaurant in Northampton for over 90 minutes, even though she insists she was eating there.

Laura Kingsbury visited the Weston Favell branch last month with her children to meet a friend, but when they went to leave, both had received the fine.

Ms Kingsbury contacted McDonald’s and appealed the charge, but claims she was “brushed off with a reply letter”.

She said: “This is extreme to say the least. I will also be appealing to the parking firm but there are others getting this truly huge fine.”

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “To make sure there are always parking spaces for our customers, we had to introduce parking restrictions at a number of restaurants.

“In each of our restaurants where parking restrictions are in place, we work with industry-approved contractors to make the parking policy as fair and as clearly communicated as possible.”

McDonald’s said fines were in place because past problems had ranged from “some minicab drivers using car parks as waiting bays, to people leaving cars for several hours while they use nearby ammenities.” If people wish to contest a parking charge notice, they advise contacting the “relevant approved contractors”.