100 drivers stopped in Northampton as part of anti drink-drive campaign

A drink drive operation was held in Northampton today
A drink drive operation was held in Northampton today

More than 100 drivers were stopped during a drink-drive operation in Northampton town centre this morning.

The operation, in Cattlemarket Road, was staged as part of the force’s summer drink-drive campaign and none of the drivers stopped were found to be over the limit.

PC Dave Lee, who ran the operation, said: “We’re still catching people for drink-driving, which is a real shame, because people know it’s totally wrong.

“I think that when it’s warm weather, people go to family barbecues and things and enjoying themselves, not realising they’re still going to be over the limit the following morning.”

The operation on Wednesday morning was specially timed to find motorists who were still over the limit from the night before.

During last year’s summer drink-drive campaign, more than 50 people were charged.

Those who are found guilty of drink-driving can face fines of up to £5,000, a 12 month driving ban and a criminal record.