£1,000 reward for return of engagement ring and iPhone

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A £1,000 reward is being offered for help in finding a woman’s engagement ring and iPhone which she handed over to a taxi driver as “security” for a fare.

Sheena Coyne took a black cab from Northampton to West Haddon at 4am on Sunday, December 23, after a night out, and did not have enough money to pay the full fare when she got home.

(c)2009 www.EDUARDOMACHUCA.com

(c)2009 www.EDUARDOMACHUCA.com

Mrs Coyne, aged 26, offered to go inside and get the extra money, and said the driver demanded her iPhone 5 and engagement ring. She said when she returned with the money, the taxi driver left with both items.

The fare was £35, and she was £10 short.

Mrs Coyne’s husband Darren Coyne, aged 43, is offering the reward for the safe return of the items.

He said: “Women should be cautious when they are travelling alone.

“She gave him the items in good faith, and he said he had handed them back. But I made 20 calls to the phone and then it was switched off. My phone logs will back that up.”

A Northamptonshire Police spokesman said they had spoken to the taxi driver, who had given a different account of events, and investigations were ongoing.

Anyone with information can contact the police on 101, quoting reference number NP/44937/12, or calling Mr Coyne on 07525 762804.