Mystery solved over Saudi coffin that washed up on Northampton field in Christmas floods

And to answer the burning question - no, it was never 'in use'...

Wednesday, 13th January 2021, 6:00 am

The riddle over how a Saudi Arabian coffin came to fetch up on a field in Northampton following the Christmas floods has been solved

Last month, the Chronicle & Echo reported on the discovery of the lidless casket following the torrential rainstorm on December 23.

When the River Nene subsided over the next two days, walkers came across the ghoulish find along Weston Mill, a footpath off Billing Road East close to Abington Meadows.

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The mystery over how a Saudi Arabian coffin ended up in a field in Northampton has been solved.

It led to the Chronicle & Echo attempting to trace the casket's origin - and worst of all, if it had ever been in use by someone's loved one.

Now, the 'owner' of the coffin has come forward and explained to the Chron how it came to end up on the Northampton - after it had spent years on her canal boat being used for wood storage.

Terri Grainger, from Wolverhampton, told the Chron: "That coffin has been pictured all over the country. Lots of people see us go past and take pictures of it.

"We've kept it for years on top of the boat.

The lidless casket fetched up on Weston Mill in the aftermath of the Christmas floods in December.

"No, I don't think it was ever had a body in it. Although I've got a picture of my partner sitting in it and floating down the river."

Terri explained to the Chron how her and her partner had bought the unique piece of furniture from a coffin makers in West Bromwich three years ago, after it was set to be disposed of in an incinerator.

Then, during the first lockdown in March, Terri and partner Paul had had to leave their two boats moored in Northampton - only for them to be stripped and sunk by burglars.

The family managed to pump out one of the boats and get it back on the water - but their ongoing repairs meant that when the rainstorm arrived over Christmas, the rapidly rising water was able to inside and capsize the boat once again.

The Chron has now been contacted from canal boat owner Terri Grainger - who says she was using the coffin for wood storage until her boat sank.

It was in this rainstorm over Christmas when the coffin got loose and floated down the River Nene.

Soon after, a viral video pictured the casket floating back the University of Northampton by Becket's Park.

After that, the coffin then came to a rest on Weston Mill when the water subsided.

The coffin was removed at some point over the following two days.

Terri is sure the coffin was never occupied - except in this picture of her partner Paul taking it for a spin.

Meanwhile, Terri and Paul have managed to get one of their boats afloat again and are continuing with repairs.

She said: "You've got to focus on the positives. I've got a dog and a family and grandkids to think about. You've just got to keep going."

Terri and her family are currently repairing their boats so they can get back on the water.