Kristina and Tristan kick off tour in Wellingborough

If you have ever had a burning question you have wanted to ask about Strictly Come Dancing but never had the chance then you'll get the chance with a new show coming to Wellingborough.

Monday, 25th September 2017, 2:06 pm
Updated Monday, 25th September 2017, 3:09 pm
Kristina Rihanoff and Tristan MacManus

Former professional dancers on the show Kristina Rihanoff and Tristan MacManus will be hosting an evening with event at The Castle Theatre in October.

With ballroom and latin routines such as the waltz, the paso doble, the samba and favourites the charleston and the Argentine tango.

The evening will also feature music from Mark Read from boyband A1.

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Kristina Rihanoff and Tristan MacManus

Catching up with the two of them before rehearsals with not a huge amount of time for the two to be together prior to the tour’s opening date in Wellingborough.

Kristina said: “We are used to being able to choreograph something within a week for Strictly Come Dancing. The lack of rehearsal time.”

It is probably a good thing given that Kristina has now settled down in Northamptonshire and Tristan lives in Sydney, Australia.

But the evening will be one packed with performances from a local dance school and the chance to quiz them both about their time on Strictly.

Kristina Rihanoff and Tristan MacManus

Kristina said: “If there has ever been a question, like what is that dancer really like, then there will be that chance.”

And there is advantages for the two of them doing a show like this and working with the other dancers.

Tristan said: “The nice thing is that you get to choose some of our favourite songs and choreograph the dances around that. It is ultimately our decision what goes in the show. That was not always the case when working on Strictly Come Dancing.”

Both of them left the show having had children with their respective partners but both are grateful for the opportunities that the show has opened up.

Kristina Rihanoff and Tristan MacManus

Kristina said: “I always have seen my future in working as a choreographer and putting my own shows together.”

“You are good at it,” said Tristan.

“Strictly has opened up the doors for me to do that and I will be grateful for the show.”

Tristan added: “For me, I’ve had the chance to work on Mrs Brown’s Boys as an actor and producer and getting to work with all those people which is a great experience.”

Kristina Rihanoff and Tristan MacManus

Talk inevitably turns to this year’s line up and we chat before the celebrities are paired up with the professionals.

Kristina said: “I have written columns for magazines this week about what I think of the new dancers. I have read a lot of people think that someone like Mollie King from The Saturdays or Alexandra Burke have an unfair advantage because they have different types of training.

“But while they might be performers or theatre performers, dancing on the show can be a very different experience.

“It can also be so dependent on your mood, the mood of your dancer, something could be wrong with the family. No one really has an advantage.”

Tristan also added that he would advise the contestants to stay off the internet.

He said: “There can be a lot of negative coverage when you do a show like this and that can really affect some people who danced on the show. I think it is very important for all of them to remember why they signed up for the show and keep thinking that during the judging and anything that happens.”

Kristina Rihanoff and Tristan MacManus

Kristina added: “It is also something that will only happen once to these people and you have to grab it with both hands and make the most of it.”

The show is performed on Monday October 16. To book tickets for the show visit or call 01933 270 007.

Kristina Rihanoff and Tristan MacManus