Market Thoughts: Lets make it a happy new year

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Well, that was the year that was! As far as the property market is concerned, we look back on a period that was notable for nothing in particular.

Over the past 12 months readers will have endured no end of eulogistic nonsense about how busy some agents claimed to have been, citing record numbers of enquiries, houses sold “within minutes of coming to market”, queues to view, deals concluded above asking price, etc.

And then there was a reality check! Informed readers realised that the truth was often somewhat different.

At Winkworth we are by no means “harbingers of doom”, but we do pride ourselves on dealing with fact, not fiction.

What has happened (in fact) is that those houses which are well presented and realistically priced have continued to find buyers, while those (vendors) whose agents have “encouraged” them to try a high price have often languished.

It is a truism that you cannot beat the market. Whether selling a car, a house or bowls of fruit on the market, your product must be competitively priced and creatively marketed, as buyers always have a choice.

2013 – that could be the year that could!

Property commentators are consistent on just one thing . . . the inconsistency of their forecasts!

Choose your expert, and the market prognoses vary from steady increase, through flat, to a further decline. Not very helpful.

So what can you do if you want to move anytime soon?

At Winkworth we have the benefit of 60 London offices, a total of 90 across the UK. The composite this enables us to produce means that our take on the market is robust and based on fact.

As a result, we provide quality advice and guidance for our clients, and a range of innovative services that are simply not available from most local agents . . . fact!

This is not the place to elaborate, suffice to say we firmly believe that selling houses is a people business first and foremost, and our aim is to end up with happy vendors and buyers.

It is possible, just ask our many satisfied clients.

A New Year warrants new initiatives and we have many ready to be deployed on your behalf.

So, if you want 2013 to be the year of the move, treat yourself to an early Christmas present and give us a call today.

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