There are a number of house up for grabs in the area where house prices have decreased the most.

9 houses for sale under £300k in the area of Northampton where prices have dropped the most

There is plenty on the market in the area where house prices have dropped by nearly 13 percent in 12 months

By Carly Odell
Thursday, 29th April 2021, 8:32 am

Due to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, house prices have fallen in some places across Northampton.

Although most areas in the town have seen an average house price increase, a dozen have seen a fall, meaning there could be some bargains on the market.

The ONS (Office for National Statistics) publishes house price figures by Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs) – small geographic areas containing an average of 7,200 people.

In Northampton, the Great Billing and Riverside area saw a decrease of 12.8 percent between September 2019 and September 2020.

The average house price in 2020 in the area was £211,903 compared to £243,134 in 2019.

Below are 9 houses in the area under £300,000 currently for sale.

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