McDonald’s in Northampton’s Grosvenor Centre closes to make way for ‘digital makeover’

McDonald's is currently closed in the Grosvenor Centre
McDonald's is currently closed in the Grosvenor Centre

McDonald’s in Northampton’s main shopping centre has closed for refurbishment.

The fast food outlet, on the top floor of the Grosvenor Centre, is currently closed and boarded up while renovations take place inside.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “Our Grosvenor Centre restaurant is currently closed for refurbishment and due to reopen in early July.

“The restaurant is undergoing a digital makeover with exciting changes being made to both the restaurant interior and kitchen which will mean every order is freshly prepared and customers can order from new digital kiosks.”

Last year McDonald’s in The Drapery also underwent a similar transformation and was the first in the area to have touchscreens for customers to pre-order and pay before reaching the counter, as well as tablets installed in the tables.

The spokesman added: “We look forward to reopening and are excited to see what our local customers think of the new transformation.”

The Grosvenor Centre restaurant is set to reopen on July 7.