Dining Out: India 2 Mawsley

India 2 Mawsley
India 2 Mawsley

Mawsley is slowly but surely taking shape.

The new village a few miles away from Kettering has its own school, GP surgery, dentist and community centre – and now, its first restaurant.

India 2 Mawsley started out as a takeaway-only establishment, but this proved so successful a sit-down side of the business was created earlier this year.

And to be honest, the actual restaurant area does at the moment look like a bit of an afterthought.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with the restaurant – it was clean and perfectly presentable, it’s just a bit, well, minimalist.

Perhaps that is the look the proprietors are going for, or maybe they haven’t got round to putting up the finishing touches yet.

But the plain pale blue painted walls and black tablecloths didn’t create the sort of atmosphere you normally expect in an Indian restaurant.

The ambience was further upset by the large-screen TV on the wall behind the bar, for takeaway patrons to watch while they waited for their food. Still, at least we found out we hadn’t won the Lottery that night.

What can’t be faulted though was the quality of the food and the attentiveness of the staff. When we arrived, my wife and I were shown to our table, promptly asked for our drinks order and offered the obligatory poppadums and chutneys.

Now, one of the downsides to eating Indian food often is that you can get tired of seeing the same dishes on the menu, regardless of where you are eating. No such problems here though.

Alongside all the regular dishes you would expect to find were such novelties (to us anyway) as banarashi (a mild curry which lists crushed pineapple among its ingredients), Persian (another mild curry topped off with fried bananas) and shatkora (fairly hot and cooked with Bangladeshi citrus fruit).

Having said all that, we played it safe with our starters and ordered two meat samosas and the onion bhajees.

They were good choices – the samosa pastry was light and not too greasy, while the filling was tasty but not too spicy.

The bhajees were as they should be – snooker ball sized and shaped rather than squashed flat – and very tasty but perhaps a bit floury in the middle.

We sailed into uncharted territory for our main courses, however, with me choosing the lamb jeera (a medium hot curry with cumin, onions and other herbs) and Karen the chicken naga (tangy, hot, with onions, green peppers and traditional hot pickle).

If I’m being honest, we ordered too many side dishes as we wanted to try as many new things as we could.

So the fact the Bombay potatoes, sag bhajee, pilau rice and cheese & chilli nan weren’t all polished off doesn’t reflect on the quality of the dishes.

We were, unsurprisingly, too full for desserts and finished the evening with a friendly chat with the owner who asked if we were new to the village.

The steady stream of people coming to collect their takeaways suggests India 2 Mawsley is a popular addition to the village.

After enjoying a pleasant Saturday night out there, it is easy to see why.


FOOD: Satisfying

SERVICE: Top-class




BILL: £45.20

India 2 Mawsley

Barnwell Court, 

NN14 1FG

Telephone: 01536 791108