Pharmacy apologies after patients turn up to Northampton Covid vaccination centre to find it closed

The pharmacy operating the vaccination service in Kingsthorpe had to rearrange some bookings due to "unforeseen staffing circumstances"

Monday, 5th July 2021, 6:11 pm

Several residents turned up for their scheduled Covid jab at a Northampton vaccination centre to find the gates closed.

Patients arrived at the Kingsthorpe Bowling Club at 11am this morning (July 5) to get their Covid vaccine but, much to their confusion, the gates were closed and there appeared to be no one on site.

Freelance journalist and head of journalism and media at the university of Northampton, Hilary Scott, said that her son was scheduled to have his first Covid jab this morning.

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Patients arrived at the Kingsthorpe Bowls Club this morning to find the gates closed. Photo: Hilary Scott

She said: "There was one lady who is desperate for a second jab and keeps being told to come back. This was her third attempt due to batch numbers; she was going to try again at 2pm. Three others arrived and left."

Hilary told The Chronicle & Echo that her son received no email or text about the cancellation but did receive an email cancelling his second Covid vaccine at the same location in September. He rearranged to have his first Covid vaccination at a different location.

The Covid vaccination site at Kingsthorpe Bowling Club is run by Touchwood Pharmacy in Kingsthorpe.

A spokesperson for Touchwood Pharmacy said: “Due to unforeseen staffing circumstances we had to rearrange some bookings that were scheduled for 05/07/2021. All the patients were contacted and their appointments were rearranged.

"There were 6 patients, who we tried to contact by telephone initially but could not get through. We then cancelled the appointment via the National Booking System and attached a note asking them to rebook between 2-6pm the same day. The system should send a text/email when the booking has been cancelled and the note about rebooking for the afternoon should have been visible.

“We apologise for the inconvenience. On the odd occasion, some bookings need to be rearranged and we try our best to ensure this has been communicated as clearly as possible. We are happy to accommodate these patients through our walk-in clinic to ensure they are vaccinated as soon as possible.”

To book or manage your Covid vaccine appointment, visit the NHS website.